About Us

The Stoddard County Children's Home is operated by the Board of Directors which consists of residents of Stoddard County from various communities in the County. Current board members are:

 Melinda Masters - Advance
Janine Ballin - Advance
Tricia Abner - Bell City
Dorothy Burton - Bell City
Jackie Mayberry - Bernie
Lauren Mayer - Bernie
 Lori Warner - Bloomfield
Jim Tweedy - Bloomfield
Joy Hudgens - Dexter
Judi Boyle - Dexter
Susie Grobe - Dexter
Bonnie Harty - Dexter 

Zenita Smith - Essex

Judy Ackman - Essex
Jim Russell - Essex
Cheryl Doublin - Puxico
Tonya Keena - Puxico 

Additionally, an Advisory Board has made available their expertise and skills to better provide the Board of Directors with the knowledge they need to run an efficient and safe home for the children. Current advisory members are:

 Tonya Causey, Chief Juvenile Officer
Jana Wyman, Children's Division Circuit Manager
Joe Z. Satterfield, Juvenile Division Judge
Robert N. Mayer, Circuit Judge 

Linda Sams, Project Manager

Ava Fowler, Program Director